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The rebozo is a Mexican craft used as a traditional cloth that highlights our national identity. Traditional Mexican midwives also use it to support mothers before, during, and after birth. It relieves pain, helps control anxiety, and encourages bonding. 

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Rebozo Massage

A one-hour session for the pregnant or new mom to relax.

It can be used to:

•Release back pain and general discomfort.

•Reduce anxiety before and after birth.

•Help the baby get into an adequate position.

Price: 900 kr (VAT included)

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Mexican closing ceremony - Cerrada

In Mexico, we honor the first 40 days after birth as a period called "La cuarentena". During this period, the mother is taken care of by the women of her family. After this time there is a special ceremony called "La cerrada" (The closing) that welcomes the mother into her new life and offers relaxation to the body and mind. 

The closing ceremony is approximate 4-hours long and it includes a special body massage, a herbal bath (In a portable bathtub if you do not have one),  and a "closing the bones" special rebozo massage to comfort and contain. 


Close family, friends, and the partner are welcome to this ceremony to help the mother with the baby and honor her. 

Price: 2500 kr (VAT included) IMPORTANT: It is necessary to have at least two weeks notice for this service

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